Baba in Work-Mode

Just before 3am on October 22, 2002

I had a dream.

I was with Meher Baba in a room. I think we were in India. The way I remember it now, we had journeyed and just arrived there. Baba’s beloved, Mehera, was in the room also, but no one else. Baba was at a desk, and had a phone on the desk, and he was in work-mode (such as seen here). I was sitting on a bench, facing Baba, as he sat behind his desk. Mehera stood behind Baba to his left. Further to her left was a door near the corner of the room, it was closed.

Don Stevens came into the room through this door, and handed Baba a

Don E. Stevens (July 2005) by Richard Griffin.

photocopy of the agenda of an upcoming important meeting. It was many pages, with one special page that had some image on it (I forget the detail of that image).

Don came over to me, handed me a copy of the same agenda, and then he left. He never spoke a word to any of us. Baba pushed a button on his phone and called his secretary, a woman, and he spoke over a speakerphone (intercom), hands free, and he asked her, while looking over the agenda, how many people (legally) he could have attend the meeting, both members and non-members of the board, etc.

In other words, it was to be a clearly very important meeting, and he wanted pack it with as many people as possible, but also be within the bounds of the law.

She explained to Baba who and how many could come. Baba hung up the phone, and wanted to go over the agenda with me and Mehera. But she had not been given a copy. She walked over to where I was sitting, sat down right next to me on my left, and told Baba (or asked) that she would just look along with me, and turned her head slightly to the right, towards the copy of the Agenda I was holding. Then I woke up.



Xia: This reminds me that the Master was a tireless worker.  As I read the book Avatar by Jean Adriel I was often impressed by the sheer amount of managerial and organizational type of work Baba routinely performed.

Laurent: This was an unusual dream, as Baba was all work, no play (quite serious) and wanting to work by the rules. The only thing that comes to mind is that when I was a Caretaker at Meher Mount spiritual center (2005-2006), with my wife Lilly and daughter Aspen, I was responsible for the business side of the center. I met with center board members Margaret Magnus and Sam Ervin from time to time. Once, when we had to go over something important for the center business-wise, we only had a copy for Sam and for me, and Sam wanted to go over it with us both, and Margaret came and sat next to me and said to Sam, “I will look along with Laurent.” That reminded me of this dream.


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