Baba Calls out to Himself

I had a dream (After September 2006).

I had been thinking — I wonder why, when I dream of Baba, he never seems to be in the place where I currently live, it is always related to some past place I have been or lived. Then I had a dream of Baba, where I was in the living room of the home I just moved to here in Flagstaff (where Cyprus was born in August) …

I was in the living room, and there is a small set of steps UP to a hallway, and the end of the hallway is a door, and that door is to my bedroom (this is the layout of our home, actually and in the dream, the same).

Meher Baba came out of my bed room, and started to come down the stairs to the living room. But he was ill, and shaky, and tired, and old. I got up and went over to Baba. He was not well enough to be in the living room, and needed to rest. We exchanged a few words, and he agreed he should go back and rest. He turned and started to climb the stairs to go back up to the bedroom at the end of the hall, but he lost his balance, and was about to fall over. He called out loud, “Help me Baba!” And instantly recovered his balance. He got up all the steps, went down the hall and disappeared into my bedroom to rest.

I loved Baba so much more when I heard Him call out to Himself for help.

I can’t explain it, but something cracked in me. I am still processing this.


Xia: Other than to support Laurent’s comment, and feel intrigued, I feel I do not understand enough to say more.

Laurent: Sometimes I feel dreams, or experiences of any kind, are like a sort of spiritual adjustment (like a chiropractic adjustment). This dream was like a love-adjustment for me from Baba.


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