Baba in Western Attire

December 12, 2007

This morning (or last night), I had a dream about Baba.

He and I were together, he was younger, wearing western clothing (as in from the West) and suspenders I think. There is a photo that I remember that looks similar to what I saw him wearing. (See here.)

In any case it was great, and I believe we discussed the world drug problem and other things.

Love in Him,



Xia: I like this because I feel the energy of it suggests that Baba clothes himself in a compassionate concern for the Whole of the world.

Laurent: While I was not able to find the image that I wanted to share, the feeling of the dream was that Baba was so vibrant and alive, and interested in the problems of the world, and working hard, especially in the West.


One response to “Baba in Western Attire

  1. Speaking of the drug problem, I recently learned about two new “synthetic drugs” which are becoming popular: Spice, a synthetic marijuana, and “Bath Salts” a synthetic cocaine type drug in crystal form — deadly toxic.

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