Breaking New Ground

From: Laurent (Personal)
To: Don E. Stevens
Cc: Cynthia Barrientos
Sent: Wednesday, January 6, 2010 6:19 (PST)
Subject: Baba Dream Last Night

MBBB, Don,

I tried to call you this morning in London, but four times it was busy, so I write…

I am rushing to get Aspen to school and then Cyprus to school, Lilly is ill with stomach flu, but had to write this to you….

Last night an important dream, I feel. We were surrounding an individual who was laying on a bed of some type. The intention of the group was to help the individual move towards Baba (towards the One). We (the group) were saying Meher Baba’s name, nothing else, over and over…

I believe I said “Meher Baba… Meher Baba… Meher Baba…” while others may have said, “Baba” or “Avatar Meher Baba” I can’t remember, because I was immersed in my own repeating (with love) Beloved Baba’s name. It worked, gradually, and then suddenly an overwhelming Bliss came over me (I don’t know what the others in the group felt). The individual did move closer to Baba, very very close.

That individual also repeated Baba’s name, If I remember right, and by the end of the dream, they also dropped the body. In the dream it seemed like new ground was being broken spiritually. The bliss carried over into my wake state in the middle of the night when I woke. I went back to bed. I don’t know what this means.

Did the 2004 Beads Pilgrims say Meher Baba’s name at the Samadhi at Meherabad? Let’s discuss some time please?

Love always, your LB,



Xia: On the day I input this dream, as is often the case, similar subjects wove into my life.  Earlier in the day I enjoyed a wonderful conversation with a dear friend on sound’s power of creation.  In the course of that conversation she taught me “The great utterance and call to creation” ~ Om Bhur Bhuvah Svaha ~ which she described as the mantra of Spiritual Light, facilitating supreme movement toward the Truth of Oneness.  Just a few hours later I read Laurent’s dream and commentary.  Om.

Laurent: I had totally and completely forgotten about this dream. So much so that I checked my email record to see if I got any response from Don about it. He did respond the next day (1/7/2010), but simply said:

Dear Laurent: I am not sure what may have been recited at Baba’s tomb as it was not possible to have a group visit so different people went alone when they could manage to get in. … Will look forward to discussing when we are together one of these days I hope. Love, Don

But we never did discuss this dream. All I can say today is that I believe we as a New Humanity will be extremely creative about helping each other move closer to the Truth of Oneness. May it be so.


2 responses to “Breaking New Ground

  1. “The coming civilisation of the New Humanity shall be ensouled not be dry intellectual doctrines, but by living spiritual experience.” ~ Avatar Meher Baba (in Discourses)

  2. At the 2015 Southeast Gathering for Meher Baba, there was one workshop where we sat in an oval around a yoga mat. There were “bowls” around the mat, that we learned how to play. Then one by one we each got into the circle, laying on the mat, and all the players played for the one in the middle. We each took a turn in the middle. It was like a trance — awake — but in between state was induced from the “singing bowls.” I loved it. From the outside as a player, it was not possible to experience — AT ALL — what it was like to lay on the inside of that oval. This is the closest I ever came to what I experienced in that dream. It was a very loving experience and we all found a way to play our bowl with love for the one in the center.

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