I Am Need

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dearest Beloved Baba,

Last night I had a dream.

I was traveling around India with Sevn McAuley. In the dream I was reading an English newspaper that had an article by you, or about you, with a beautiful photo of you (older in your life).

In the article you were quoted as saying, “I am need.”

It was strong. During the traveling I thought I lost my fanny pack containing my wallet, passport, etc. and told Sevn we may have to go back and find it. Then I looked in my backpack and it was there at the bottom, under my clothes.

That’s all for now.

All my love, your son,


Xia: May I echo Laurent from his chat with Cynthia Barrientos (referenced below), “Need is fuel to arrive at Realization…Realization is Needless.”  Through the statement “I am need” Baba is saying that He provides the energy – the provocation, nourishment & propellant – to become Self-Realized.

Laurent: At the time I had this dream, and for some time before I had been contemplating Meher Baba’s “affirmations” and thought of collecting all his words starting with “I am…”, “I was…”, “I will be…”, “I have…” etc.  I still intend to create this book.

Shortly after this dream, on June 9, 2010, I had a chat with Cynthia Barrientos during which we discussed the content of the dream, and its possible meanings.

For Avatar Meher Baba’s affirmations to others, see:



4 responses to “I Am Need

  1. I am reMinded of Divine Discontent. thank you. Longing/need pulls and pushes us through our birth canals and into a new understanding.
    Happy Birthdays!

  2. N.E.E.D. Now Ends Every Desire, as we ease out of Illusion and into Reality we will one day, all experience the “I am” state. Baba shows us the way.

  3. Sometime during 2013 while discussing Non-violent Communication (NVC) with Soleil, we realized that this dream may be releated to NVC. Maybe Baba is hinting that NVC is a good thing?

  4. Since the link to the photo of Baba shifted, here is a new link: http://ambppct.org/photos_fifties.php

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