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Hearing Hazrat Babajan

October 13, 2010

Last night, this morning really, before I woke up I had a dream.

I don’t remember seeing Baba, or Babajan, but it was as if I could – hear – (or read) what Babajan communicated to Meher Baba (as Merwan) early on.  As if it was the period before she unveiled him to his Ancient One state.  It was something like this:  “Try to be quiet with God.”  And there was a lot about how to clean and care for his sadra (long shirt), and who would be wearing a sadra also (in the future).

All I know is that it felt like the first things Hazrat Babajan ever said to young Merwan, and the words were spoken with so much love, tenderness, peace, and suggestion, not at all like a Master speaking, but like a proud mother giving advice to her favorite son.

Thank you Beloved Baba,

That’s all.


Xia: Babajan’s birth name was Gulrukh meaning “face like a rose”.  I feel this when I look at her, when I think of her kissing young Merwan’s forehead on his way home from college in 1914, and when I contemplate Laurent’s description of hearing her speak.  Like a rose, her presence unfolds a delicate grace.

Laurent: I have never had a dream quite like this one, where it was more about hearing the words of a Master, rather than seeing, but the words were infused with Love, and great power, and I felt like I was in between the two, the great Master Hazrat Babajan, whom Merwan called “The Emperor” and Merwan himself, who became known to the world as the Avatar Meher Baba.


Baba and Maharaj

I wrote the following dream, which occurred in July 1992, to Avatar Meher Baba’s disciple Aloba (Ali Akbar Shapurzaman):



Dear Aloba,

… I had a dream a few nights back: In one small room about 12 feet square sits Meher Baba against the wall in a chair, with Upasni Maharaj in a chair against the wall on His right, and myself on the floor, against the wall on Baba’s left. There is a door between where Baba is sitting and where I am sitting.

Maharaj is very very old, but healthy still. Baba is old.

In the room on a table is a case which holds three large books, all the same size, painted black, and dated with white letters 1892, 1894, 1896 or around those three dates. 1896 I am sure was one of the dates. These three books were closed in a case-holder, also painted black.

Baba talks to Maharaj, asking about the laws in India in relation to Maharaj being so old: “Can you work now in India?” and, “Can you marry now in India?” … all questions for Maharaj, which starts a conversation which I was invited by Baba to join in. Maharaj was intense, I was afraid to upset him, even in Baba’s presence. I spoke my heart and mind as best I could.

Sadguru Upasni Maharaj of Sakori.

Baba turns to me at one point and says, “Laurent, go get me the black-box from the other room.”

As I get up to go out the door between my seat and Baba’s, I notice a small black briefcase with two silver latches to keep it closed. I leave to the next room to find the black box which Baba had ordered me to bring to him. I look all over the room but do not see it anywhere. There is a very small black piece of furniture with two drawers that are pulled out and empty, but it is not a “black box.” I am thinking what to do – does the furniture pass for a box? No.

Then in my bedroom in Briarcliffe Acres, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where I am sleeping and dreaming, my telephone rings and wakes me up. I am upset that my telephone kept me from fulfilling Baba’s order in the dream, and I cannot get back into this dream.

I am happy to share this all with you dear brother Aloba. May Baba provide you with all that your heart begs for, as He wishes. Jai Baba!




Xia: I would be interested to know what the phone call was regarding.  Sometimes the dream world crosses into the waking world in rather significant yet nebulous ways.  As the “black box” wasn’t immediately apparent, could it be that Baba was actually directing Laurent to pick-up the phone?  Wouldn’t that be interesting?  Also it occurs to me that a “black box” is synonymous with a recording device and Laurent is devoted to sharing the information that has been preserved of Avatar Meher Baba, as a black box might be used.

Laurent: I have dreamt of Shirdi Sai Baba, Upasni Maharaj, and Hazrat Babajan, and they are all totally different personalities (flavors) of Self-realization, and in some way they are all aspect of Avatar Meher Baba. I find it interesting that I was upset that I couldn’t obey the order, even though I realized it was – only a dream, it was still important to me to obey. – LW