Samantha’s Resistance

Dream 14 (this was one of the first dreams of Meher Baba I ever had, when I was still living in New York shortly after 1985).

I had been dreaming about shape changers, especially a monkey type of human…

Meher Baba was in the body, I was able to talk with him, at a gathering type of place. There were other Baba lovers, but also regular people.

I asked him over the table as we were talking if I could touch him, but he withdrew as my hand reached for his. I said (in response), “Not yet.”

We talked about I don’t know what. Then I told Baba about the shape changers (from earlier in my dream), and he said, “God has no love for shape changers.”

{The scene shifted.}

Baba was sitting near a window in a coffee shop booth and he was younger. He had a sad look in his eyes. I sat across a small table from Baba in the booth. Samantha came in to the coffee shop and made some sarcastic comment about how Baba looked. I didn’t realize the sarcasm until a moment later. She walked over to where we sat in our booth.

She was interested in Meher Baba because of her father, Irving, who loved Baba in the dream, and he was sometimes around. Baba said to Samantha, “Do you know who you really are? Would you like to experience your ‘mast’ consciousness?” She said in reply, “I don’t want to die.”

Baba touched her arm and she started loosing consciousness of the gross (material) plane, so she broke away from Baba saying, “I don’t want to loose my consciousness.” Baba couldn’t help but cry (at her ignorance).

{The scene shifted.}

Baba and I were in the main room of the “coffee shop” and Baba leaned toward me smiling, and touched my shoulder, and as he did I felt myself leaving the gross plane consciousness. His grip on my shoulder was kind of fumbling and insecure, then he withdrew and I started coming back (to gross consciousness). The way we were sitting we both faced a long table, with me closer to the table, and Baba just behind my right shoulder sitting about a foot behind me, and to the right.Seconds later, he got a firmer grip and I completely entered a blissful state … the light and feeling of Divine Intoxication. Afterwards we went over the beginning of Baba’s prayer, “O Parvardigar” but it was a different version entirely. There was no “O Parvardigar” in Baba’s copy. Other Baba lovers were there. I could remember Michael Matthias was there also, but we didn’t talk.

Baba’s presence was distracting the other patrons in the coffee shop. Baba was occasionally speaking. Mostly his hair was long and tied back, but he wasn’t very old in the dream, maybe in his 40s. (As seen here.)

Jai Baba.


P.S. “Sleepsong” by Sasha and Shawna just started playing as I finished typing this dream for AMBER.


Xia: Upon review of this dream I found Laurent’s commentary so very consummate and insightful that I can add nothing to the analysis.  So then, I would like to share the following text of O Parvardigar as a matter of interest.

Laurent: Thinking about this dream now, over twenty years later, what stands out to me is the four examples of touch: 1. I tried to reach out to touch Baba’s hand, but he withdrew. I felt it was premature in some way, so I responded, “Not yet.” 2. He tried to reach out to touch Saantha and she withdrew from Baba for fear, and ignorance. 3. Then Baba reached out to touch me and I started to have an experience, but his grip was not firm. 4. Finally Baba gripped my shoulder firmly and I entered a blissful state. These seem to be reflective of stages of the path. My longing for Baba, Baba’s example to me of working with others, Baba working with me, and finally Baba giving me a direct experience of his Divine Nature as Bliss.


2 responses to “Samantha’s Resistance

  1. After reading this passage a few times, the image that brings warmth to my heart is, “…Baba leaned toward me smiling, and touched my shoulder…”.

  2. Hi Cynthia,

    That experience in the dream was amazing, Baba with us, Emanuel.
    Praise God.


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