NYC Spiritual Meeting

March 20, 2002 at 2:30am (Wednesday morning):

I was alone in New York City.

I had called an important spiritual meeting for that evening to be held at a friend’s house and was preparing to go there. Someone had given me cassette tapes related to the meeting that night, so I put them in the tape player. It was like a video was playing without any TV.

I could hear and see all sorts of things. The gist of it all was this: Certain planets & stars were going to align in such a way that a special sound frequency would be created and experienced by humans. I also saw an angelic being who said she would help facilitate the whole process for peace.

I remember watching all this and knowing I could replay the tapes anytime. I was kind of in a state of awe/shock/disbelief in a positive way since it was so far out and it never occurred to me that things would unfold this way.

Then I started wondering if it was real/genuine/true and who I could show it to that could confirm the names of the stars, constellations, planets, etc. and if it was possible, etc.

The angelic part was extremely peaceful, but since it was not Meher Baba I wanted a confirmation.



Laurent: I had completely forgotten about this dream. Even now, re-reading it this seems so far out I am doubting whether I should share it here on AMBER, but I feel compelled to do so, why I am not sure. Maybe Xia knows?

Xia: This dream holds much meaning for me and I am excited Laurent followed his impulse to share it!  I don’t feel that it is “far-out” at all, but rather an accurate reflection of what’s unfolding in the Cosmos at this time.  In consideration of my studies of Astrology, I have come to the belief that the great suffering which Awakens the New Humanity is assisted by the greater cosmic orchestra, generating the right energies or “tones of progress” to help Humanity to the next level.  Orchestra, indeed!  As the planets and systems spin and whir in their cycles of motion, it stands to reason that tones, undetectable to our physical ears but not our Spiritual nature, would be sounded.  It is my understanding that this process began in August of 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence.  Not coincidentally the convergence also marked key points in Aztec and Mayan calendar systems associated to the dawn of a new hope, ushering a time of Universal Peace and alignment with a Universal harmony.  Since the Harmonic Convergence, major alignments (those with hundreds if not thousands of years between them) have only been escalating.  The one which has received the most notoriety is yet to occur in December of 2012.  At that time our planet, the Sun and the center of the galaxy will align.  While this has been happening every year for nearly 1000 years, in the year 2012 the alignment is “perfect” as the path of the Sun enters/aligns with a portion of the Milky Way known as the “Great Rift”.  Contemporary researchers have come to the belief that to certain ancient cultures this represented the Sun being born anew through the “World Tree” but have not understood why this might be especially significant.  And, until recently, science hasn’t offered much support to these ideas other than to suggest that 2012 will bring Solar Maximums the like of which we’ve never seen and never thought to anticipate until 1988.

However, recent observations made by Herschel Observatory have changed everything.  Science is giving credibility to ancient understandings and taking our present knowledge one step further.  Astrophysicists working in partnership with the Observatory to complete research for the University of Sydney have discovered that as our Sun makes its millennial-long orbit around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy it “bobs” up and down.  This cycle of bobbing up and down is not only apparently related to the larger 1144 year cycle of Solar Maximums but the 8 years during which our Sun crosses the Great Rift (2012-2020) represent the very “moment” the sun rises above the galactic disc in its bobbing motion.  Why is this significant?  Because they have now realized that not only will the Sun/Solar System be in alignment to the center of Milky Way at this time (perhaps the very cause of the extreme Solar Maximums) but that the Milky Way is actually participant in an unexpected alignment of no less than seven other galaxies.  2020 also represents the year we will be fully immersed in the first degree of the Aquarian Age.



One response to “NYC Spiritual Meeting

  1. Shortly after I found and sent this dream to Xia (who obviously likes it from her comments above), I saw a friend, Adrienne who told me there is a December 20-21 eclipse and we are now planning a spiritual gathering in Flagstaff on Monday evening for that event.

    I felt somehow that this is all related, although I know little about astronomy (any longer) and I never studied astrology. Someone else told me there are audio recordings (somewhere) of the sound that the sun produces, as it burns. Amazing. I would love to hear that!

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