Calm, Steady & Persistent

This dream was submitted through the AMBER website by Dennis Okeefe, who has given permission for it to be shared here.  This dream occured in April of 2011.

Dennis writes:

While pondering how to remember Baba more constantly and consistently for several days, this dream came.  Baba stood about twenty feet in front of me and indicated without words that He was going to instruct me in how to achieve this goal of continual remembrance. He then wrote on a slate He was carrying these three words—CALM STEADY PERSISTENT–I knew the first two words referred to the general state of mind Baba wanted me to keep, and the last word referred to how I should persistently recall His name.  The writing on the slate seems to be a reinforcement of Baba presenting himself in a teaching mode, as if He was writing on a blackboard in front of class.


2 responses to “Calm, Steady & Persistent

  1. When I first had visions of Baba back in the 70s I was too scared to mention them to anybody. However, when I did the very reaction I dreaded happened. So, it’s so good to see this site. Thank you

  2. Hi Fran,
    So great to hear from you. Please feel free to submit sharing to us. We are not afraid of the big bad wolf, are we?
    My feeling is that now is the time to overcome fear through sharing love, Baba’s message of Love and Truth, and whatever we are inspired to share.
    In Oneness,

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