Meher Baba’s Feet

From: Laurent Weichberger <>
Organization: “You and I are not we but One” ~ AMB
Reply-To: Laurent Weichberger <>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 10:55
To: Alison Govi, Reggie Fitchett, Liza Hamilton, Sarah Weichberger, Anne
Weichberger, Julie Engsberg, Rick Chapman.
Subject: Dream of Baba

I had a dream of Baba last night.

In the dream, I was looking on-line at photos, and came across a photo of

"Meher Baba... Feet of the Master," by Katie Rose (oil pastels on canvas sheet, 8" x 7"). Used with Permission.

When I scrolled down, I couldn’t see Beloved Baba’s face, because his feet were coming towards me in the image (toward the camera) so much that it blocked my view of his face. IOW, his feet were larger than his whole body
and face, but I could see it was Baba, and it was an amazing dream.

He was very present.

Interestingly, it was a photo of Baba at some event arranged (or some how organized by the Paramhansa Yogananda people). I remember that detail. It was unusual, and I thought so in the dream as well. Maybe the recent Yogananda energy brought by Dan (Reggie’s climber friend) is involved?

Love and peace, and Jai Avatar Meher Baba…



Xia: When reading Laurent’s dream,  the exaggerated proportion of Meher Baba’s feet call to mind Laurent’s immense devotion of Baba.  The feet are often a symbol associated to the concept of devotion to a Master.

Laurent: What comes to mind when I read this dream is that I struggle a lot around images, as I am very visually oriented. When I say struggle, I mean I love images, but images can be a distraction, like shadows, or shadow puppets. I
like to use the Google “Search Images” tool, and use it to find images of
Baba, or if I learn of a new thing, or person, to see what or who they are
through images, even ego-surfing to see what images are associated with
myself on the web! So, I have looked at images of Baba using the web many
times. Interestingly, when I just tried it now to find an image of “Meher
Baba’s feet,” for this Come (True) dream post, I found this painting done by
my friend Katie. Her painting is based on a photo of Baba’s feet, and is as
close as we have to what I saw in my dream.


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