Lord Rama as Vishnu

August 28th, 2010
8:08 AM

Dearest Beloved Baba,

Last night, I had a dream. In the dream I was sitting before Lord Rama/Vishnu, and watching a lotus bud grow up from his navel, which was behind a triangle like this:

There was a on his forehead. I knew it was Lord Rama. His eyes were closed.

The lotus bud (and stem) were slowly moving (growing) up from behind the triangle, which was sort of detached from his belly, and floating just in front of where his bellybutton would be. It had gold on it around the edges, and purple.

The lotus bud and vine/stem were both a dark but vibrant green. The bud was closed.

Copyright (c) 2011 Nigel Anders, http://www.takenbydigital.com


Xia: When Laurent first shared this dream with me I perceived the slow-moving growth of bud and stem as symbolic of self-restrained (or deliberate) development.  I understood the dream as a whole, as a symbol for Self-Realization or enlightened Awareness.  Only later was it shared with me (by another) that Lord Rama is known as the Lord of Self-Control.

Laurent: Rama’s face was more square jawed than my sketch, he was extremely peaceful, as if in Nirvikalpa-Samadhi. I felt that I was having darshan of Rama as Vishnu.  Before having this dream I had just been chatting with Vanessa in Myrtle Beach about how I found someone to illustrate my version of Ramayana.


18 responses to “Lord Rama as Vishnu

  1. I notice the profound effect of the triangle in this vision. the base wide at the bottom. it speaks to me of great energy that, like the lotus, is supported for growth here – grounded. reaching an apex as it rises. it is good. peace and blessings on your continued growth!

  2. The triangle is the most stable shape for construction. Might this offer stability along the spiritual path?

  3. Christina and Cynthia,

    Yes, the triangle was profound, and while I don’t know what it all means yet, I do believe you are both right in your sharing about stable, grounded, supported. And FROM THERE came the lotus stem, and bud, rising. I felt upon waking that I had just missed the opening of the lotus blossom, which must be in some way related to my life with Meher Baba, happening in me now.

    Love to you both,


  4. Laurent, in your latest issue of Ompoint I noticed that mysteries triangle again . From my line of thinking your dream could turn out to be about a region in space. For starters in 1965 at Mandali Hall Meher Baba made a triangle shape out of toothpicks or match sticks in reference to the future super samadhi structure. From this I presume this symbol must have something to do with the world awakening…. In your dream you have a triangle with a circle in it which makes me think of the all seeing eye and ancient Egypt. This bring up that photo of Meher Baba standing in front of the pyramids. From here I am taken to Osiris 14 and his table house in the sky (Orion). This constellation becomes the link to the belly of the Goddess Nut which forms a famous stellar triangle. Then there is that comment by Meher Baba that he is really a lion that will someday speak. Could Meher Baba be the sphinx? I could continue but this being your dream I wonder what are your thoughts on this? Thank you for Ompoint, Peter

  5. Hi Peter,
    Where in OmPoint 8 is the triangle? You mean on the cover, and in the work of Najma Carter? Hmmm. I like your thinking. What is Osiris 14? I studied very little about the Egyptian spirituality, I am almost totally ignorant, but I did study a bit about Horus (after a dream I had)… I know the comment that Baba is like a lion…

    “Books and discourses will never bring about one’s spiritual regeneration. The mind cannot be annihilated by the mind, just as one cannot jump over oneself. Only by loving me as I ought to be loved can the mind be destroyed. Anyone may have love for me, but not the love I want.

    “My lovers may be likened to one who is fond of lions and admires them so much that he keeps a lion in his own home. But, feeling afraid of the lion, he puts it in a cage. The lion is always kept caged, even while he feeds it; he feeds the pet from a distance, standing outside the cage.

    “Baba is also treated like a lion by his lovers. There is love, there is admiration, there is an intense desire to see Baba comfortable and happy, and Baba is also frequently fed by the love of his lovers. But all this is done keeping Baba segregated from one’s own self. What is wanted is that the lovers should open the cage and, through intense love for their Baba, throw themselves inside it to become food for the Lion of Love. The lover should permit himself to be totally consumed through his love for the Beloved.” ~ Meher Baba (Lord Meher 5299 here http://www.lordmeher.org/index.jsp?pageBase=page.jsp&nextPage=5299)

  6. Yes, the cover by Najma Carter. In another reference to your dream old egypt viewed the lotus as a symbol of creation and rebirth… One version of Osiris depicts him as a God in human form who is murdered and cut into 14 pieces. Isis gathers him and resurrects him and later after death he become the God of the afterlife represented by the 14 stars that make up the constellation of Orion. After death Egyptians hoped to meet Osiris in a boat and be taken through the Duat. Orion was seen as a ladder to the milky way, river of life, Goddess Nut and rebirth in the afterlife. Meher Baba could be seen as a modern day Osiris with his promise to meet you in the afterlife if you take his name with your final breath. Osiris was also know as the Lord of Love and the Lord of Silence. Hmmm. Meher Baba made a comment that the coming awakening had something to due with earths position and the Ompoint. Well, the location of Ompoint for the universe is still unknown, but the practical Ompoint for our solar system is the Orion Nebula. About 1400 light years away. But these days I have my eye on the link between Orion and that celestial triangle which lies about 700 hundred light years away. This is not an if but more of a when………..

    • Also this, Meher Baba said the inner-circle of the Avatar is 12 men and 2 women = 14. Maybe the 14 parts of Osiris corresponds to the inner circle of the Avatar (and Perfect Masters)?
      Jai Baba.

  7. The unfoldment of life and consciousness for the whole Avataric cycle, which has been mapped out in the creative world before the Avatar took form, is endorsed and fixed in the formative and material worlds during the Avatar’s life on earth.

    TREASURES, p. 73, ed. Jane Barry Haynes

  8. Vishnu, the one dreamer, passes in and out of time as Rama and then as Meher Baba shaping and adjusting the dream as it likes. With this process in mind I feel your dream is pointing to the star of osiris which could be renamed Mary Pickford.

  9. I hope this makes you smile for this should be the humor of the legend. Mary Pickford was the silent movie star who eventually did speak. Being this star she was to introduce God at the Hollywood Bowl who being silent for a long time would release a transmission of love over the radio. Not long after this time this is fulfilled through the fantasy of film. In Star Night at the Cocoanut Grove Mary Pickford introduces the beloved one played by Bing Crosby who then sings a song of love through the microphone. Star Night at the Cocoanut Grove completed Mary Pickfords film career and you can find it on YouTube.

  10. P. Haan, thank you for sharing this humor! Yes, Baba is a joker also…

  11. Here is a riddle about Vishnu. “““““““““““““““““““““““““““““` It is a star with two mouths, a star like Shyam.
    There is air above, all good below.
    He is exceptional; he killed himself! Whose beloved is he?
    He who explains the meaning of this will be like Alexander and Dara!
    Lord Meher Page 649
    By location King Osiris will give his explanation and the natural event will speak for itself. This also expresses to me a creational story: Stars kill themselves so minds can be born. Minds kill themselves so I can know who I am without the other.

  12. Hi P. Haan, I answered this riddle in my diary.

    Want to hear my answer?

  13. 8400000yearsold

  14. For P. Haan (I found my response in my diary)…

    “It is a star with two mouths a star like Shayam.”
    A star, a soul of God, all bodies, a second mouth to eat it’s own mouth!

    “There is air above, all good below.”
    As a man on Earth, the Avatar, air is above.
    Seeing clearly the Truth, all is a degree of good. Evil is an illusion.

    “He is exceptional; He killed himself!”
    He killed his false ego without the help of a Master for he was (became) the first Master.

    “Whose beloved is he?”
    Forever God’s Beloved. ❤ ❤ ❤

    ~ Laurent (January 1990)

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