A Dream With Meher Baba

On Monday, October 4, 1999 just before waking early in the morning, I had this dream of Meher Baba:

Meher Baba was sitting at the bottom of a large concrete pit, about 20′ x 20 ‘ square, and about 30’ deep. There was burning hot oil at the bottom of the pit, and Baba sat on a little metal elevator which had no walls, and was suspended a few inches above the oil by chains that ran from each corner of his little elevator/platform.

Another man was sitting on a little barge, floating on the surface of the oil, keeping silence.

Baba was speaking to me.

He held on his lap a nearly life-size wet clay statue of himself. He was explaining to me about the man on the barge, who was apparently a Master of some kind, and how this man had been faithfully serving Him in silence. As Baba spoke to me, this man found it difficult to continue his silence, and started to speak. Mostly that Master was complaining about not being able to remain silent. Baba said it was “interesting” that this was happening.

Then Baba resumed his explanation to me.

He said that the world would soon receive a great shock, and it would be like the shock that his wet clay statue would experience. He then proceeded to forcibly thrust his hand into the face of the wet clay statue, totally disfiguring the statue’s face. He immediately thrust the whole wet statue into the boiling hot oil, and it proceeded to crack and boil, and make all kinds of noises.

The scene shifted and I was sitting next to Baba in a more comfortable environment.

He was explaining about other things which I don’t remember now. I do remember that his eyes were most extraordinary!



Xia: OM.  May the great suffering of the world Awaken the people; may their Consciousness relieve their suffering.  OM.

Laurent: The fact that this took place in a concrete pit filled with boiling hot oil seems significant to me. Baba was just above the oil, so he was beyond harm, but so close. This reminds me of the story of the lobster in the pot, if you throw a live lobster in a pot of boiling water; it will flail and jump out, but if you put it in a pot of cold water and slowly heat the water to boiling it will die in the water. We in the current global society we have created are slowly heating the water. But Meher Baba had a lesson to teach, and thus the oil. The lesson included the presence of a Spiritual Master. One of the facts of Meher Baba’s spiritual explanation includes the presence at all times of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Perfect Masters, and Saints, as well as Archangels and Angels, which together do the real work of holding the universe together, and keeping the universe balanced.

The part about Baba holding a statue of himself and using it to demonstrate the coming world destruction seemed to be the most vivid and effectual way of explaining something to me that is really beyond normal comprehension. How can anyone convey clearly what the entire world will experience in the near future? The violence he perpetrated on the wet clay statue’s face and then entire body by thrusting it into the hot oil was so sensory: I saw it, heard it, and almost felt it, being so close to the hot oil. It made a deep impression on me. I believe that the world will wake up in large part due to great suffering.

Lastly, we are in a comfortable setting, and I can relax and appreciate Meher Baba’s beauty. His divine beauty, as God in Human Form is actually ineffable, but we try.



2 responses to “A Dream With Meher Baba

  1. It is interesting how your dream references stories from the collective: “God created man in his own image.” Apparently there are many creation myths from various cultures which reference how we were made from clay (not just in the Bible)… I love how “the world” in your dream is symbolically shown as a statue of Baba, which Baba holds in his own hands (He’s got the whole world in His hands)… The feeling I get from this dream is how He is overseeing our destruction… the destruction of the false, so that we may know what is Real.

  2. Hi Marlena, ❤
    Yes, he is "overseeing our destruction" what a great way of saying that. Maybe that is my next poem?

    Love to you,


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