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Calm, Steady & Persistent

This dream was submitted through the AMBER website by Dennis Okeefe, who has given permission for it to be shared here.  This dream occured in April of 2011.

Dennis writes:

While pondering how to remember Baba more constantly and consistently for several days, this dream came.  Baba stood about twenty feet in front of me and indicated without words that He was going to instruct me in how to achieve this goal of continual remembrance. He then wrote on a slate He was carrying these three words—CALM STEADY PERSISTENT–I knew the first two words referred to the general state of mind Baba wanted me to keep, and the last word referred to how I should persistently recall His name.  The writing on the slate seems to be a reinforcement of Baba presenting himself in a teaching mode, as if He was writing on a blackboard in front of class.


Hearing Hazrat Babajan

October 13, 2010

Last night, this morning really, before I woke up I had a dream.

I don’t remember seeing Baba, or Babajan, but it was as if I could – hear – (or read) what Babajan communicated to Meher Baba (as Merwan) early on.  As if it was the period before she unveiled him to his Ancient One state.  It was something like this:  “Try to be quiet with God.”  And there was a lot about how to clean and care for his sadra (long shirt), and who would be wearing a sadra also (in the future).

All I know is that it felt like the first things Hazrat Babajan ever said to young Merwan, and the words were spoken with so much love, tenderness, peace, and suggestion, not at all like a Master speaking, but like a proud mother giving advice to her favorite son.

Thank you Beloved Baba,

That’s all.


Xia: Babajan’s birth name was Gulrukh meaning “face like a rose”.  I feel this when I look at her, when I think of her kissing young Merwan’s forehead on his way home from college in 1914, and when I contemplate Laurent’s description of hearing her speak.  Like a rose, her presence unfolds a delicate grace.

Laurent: I have never had a dream quite like this one, where it was more about hearing the words of a Master, rather than seeing, but the words were infused with Love, and great power, and I felt like I was in between the two, the great Master Hazrat Babajan, whom Merwan called “The Emperor” and Merwan himself, who became known to the world as the Avatar Meher Baba.

I Am Need

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dearest Beloved Baba,

Last night I had a dream.

I was traveling around India with Sevn McAuley. In the dream I was reading an English newspaper that had an article by you, or about you, with a beautiful photo of you (older in your life).

In the article you were quoted as saying, “I am need.”

It was strong. During the traveling I thought I lost my fanny pack containing my wallet, passport, etc. and told Sevn we may have to go back and find it. Then I looked in my backpack and it was there at the bottom, under my clothes.

That’s all for now.

All my love, your son,


Xia: May I echo Laurent from his chat with Cynthia Barrientos (referenced below), “Need is fuel to arrive at Realization…Realization is Needless.”  Through the statement “I am need” Baba is saying that He provides the energy – the provocation, nourishment & propellant – to become Self-Realized.

Laurent: At the time I had this dream, and for some time before I had been contemplating Meher Baba’s “affirmations” and thought of collecting all his words starting with “I am…”, “I was…”, “I will be…”, “I have…” etc.  I still intend to create this book.

Shortly after this dream, on June 9, 2010, I had a chat with Cynthia Barrientos during which we discussed the content of the dream, and its possible meanings.

For Avatar Meher Baba’s affirmations to others, see:


A New Humanity Lesson

Subject: Re: Dream: New Humanity
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 11:13:45 -0600
From: Laurent <laurent@yadrakh.org>
Organization: Yadrakh.org
To: merwan <merwan@cote-dazur.com>


It is short and already written, I just have to type it up, here:

November 27th morning, 2001
Flagstaff, Arizona USA

Last night… I dreamt I was looking from the main land, above ground level, down the peninsula which ends in Greece, and the Mediterranean Sea. (I drew a map as well)…

There was a green colored area along the coast line (below me on my right) which I knew was spiritually important and it was quite large … and there were other “dots” or areas on the land I was being shown from above (upon waking I don’t remember their exact placement). The dream was about the spiritual importance of these places …

There was someone in the dream, unseen, instructing me that “One Part of the New Humanity” would emerge from Greece (or Crete), and that they would draw upon various areas in this (vision, map, view) of the peninsula ending in Greece. That is, they would learn about pottery from this area (and a big dot would be shown to me), or learn about some thing else from that area and again the vision was rather interactive with the lesson … and this went on for a while, with each area lighting up as it was being explained to me about what would be drawn upon culturally and spiritually …  It was some kind of New Humanity lesson, or something.  [For more about The New Humanity, as explained by Meher Baba see Discourses.]

I remember hearing the word: “Corfu” and I remember part of the map marked, “Cephalonia” but upon waking I couldn’t draw where they are located on the map. I remember waking up and feeling very peaceful. I thought about writing it down then, but went back to sleep until 7am, when I got up and wrote it all down.

P.S. The night before (Nov. 26th evening), during my time with Baba alone (I have a spare room for this), His photograph was pulsing and throbbing with much energy. I felt something was being given to me – starting with that – and so after this time with Baba I went right to sleep and had this dream (for what it is worth).


Merwan [Don E. Stevens] wrote:

> Laurent, I’d love to see it, but only if it takes a reasonable time and not hours. >Love, Don

> —– Message d’origine —–
> De : Laurent <laurent@yadrakh.org>
> À : Don Stevens <merwan@cote-dazur.com>
> Envoyé : Tuesday, January 22, 2002 10:40 PM
> Objet : Dream: New Humanity


Xia: Five days ago Laurent sent me this dream for inclusion in Come (True).  It is the 5th entry.  Every night the unexpected has hampered my best effort to get this on-line… And then, today, he forwarded me a document he’d composed, which included some of Meher Baba’s expressed wisdom on the New Humanity (from Volume I of Meher Baba’s Discourses, linked to above).  When I read these words, “The coming civilisation of the New Humanity shall be ensouled not be dry intellectual doctrines, but by living spiritual experience,” I realized  that not only had I spent five days immersed in spiritual experiences directly related to the New Humanity (because of reading/contemplating Laurent’s dream and in the moments I otherwise would have input it)… but that Meher Baba’s words are a perfect commentary on Laurent’s dream.  They were, I now know, what I was waiting for.

Laurent: So this is a classic example for me of a number of things: When I said above, “someone in the dream, unseen, instructing me” this is a type of dream I have where it is NOT Meher Baba, but like some angel or agent giving me ultra clear instructions. Also, in a case like this I am suspended in mid-air, looking over or down on things. I wrote this dream out for Don E. Stevens in 2002 shortly before we moved to England, in April of that same year, (so I could work with him on his authorized biography, which work continues. He is now 91). I kept the email formatting to give the context of my sharing with Don.]